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"We should also mention the beautiful Pauline by Harmonie Deschamps, dedicated actress with a superb high range." (Opera Forum, Tania Bracq)

"In the role of Pauline, Harmonie Deschamps, deserves her name with her beautiful voice, full of sweetness." (Olyrix, Charles Arden)

La Vie Parisienne, by Offenbach - Bordeaux Opera House (Conductor: Marc Minkowski, stage director: Vincent Huguet)

"Harmonie Deschamps and Olivia Doray perform various characters, all of whom have in common to serve Armide. Their two voices of sopranos agree nicely in their many duets. The beautiful tone of the first one offers treble chiseled in piani perfectly mastered and issued with great finesse. "(Olyrix, Damien Dutilleul)

Armide, Gluck- Bordeaux Opera House (Conductor: Marc Minkowski)

"Zerbine's key character is a young woman who takes care of the puppets made by Pandolphe and his disciple Scapin. To embody it, the soprano Harmonie Deschamps is an excellent actress, sure of her voice and her charm, lively and playful  in this small theatrical world "(Anaclase, François Cavaillès)

La Serva Padrona, Pergolesi- Reims Opera House (Conductor: Françoise Lasserre)

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